Maria Montessori's experience working with institutionalized and inner-city youngsters made her realize just how connected children are to their immediate surroundings. They instinctively can learn more and absorb knowledge from their immediate environment. In a prepared environment, imagine what your child can achieve! Children have a natural curiosity to learn and here at Appleseed we want to foster that observation and take it one step further. We want your child to love to learn.


Instead of regimented themes, memorization and sequential learning, the children learn a subject range taught from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract.  Subjects are combined and learning in one area supports learning in the other area.

Manipulative Materials:

The teaching materials at Appleseed are meant to be a total learning experience.  There are materials that are designed to allow a child to explore and learn.  Practical Life materials help children learn life skills.  Sensorial materials are designed to teach the use and perception of all five senses.


Language lessons are made more absorbable by use of color-coded levels, multisensory presentation of sound-symbol correspondence and an introduction of language patterns.

Cultural Subjects:

Again your child is introduced to culture through multisensory materials that invite the child to explore his or her world through time and space and scientific information.

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