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   -Stephanie and Rob

We've been constantly amazed that we've never heard -- not once -- "I don't wanna go to school today" from our kids.  One day our son had a 102 degree fever, and he was shattered that he couldn't go to class.  Appleseed totally rocks.


– Jorely

Our son attended Appleseed for 2 years. It was a dynamic environment and he really flourished under the guidance of his teachers. We were very impressed with how much he grew academically and emotionally.  It was a wonderful space for early learning and we were sad to leave when it was time for him to start Kindergarten. 


– Munish

I would like to take this opportunity to pass my thanks to all the teachers at Apple Seed Montessori School. Each one of you has been a brilliant teacher to Ganu when we first arrived in Manila. Ganu has shown a huge shift in maturity, interest in learning and penmanship in these years while he has also developed impressively both educationally and in his personalities. I am proud of his confident natures, enthusiasm for all things and of course his positive attitudes. I believe it is the combination of school and Kids Stop that has worked so well together to help make my kid well-rounded. The fact Ganu like and enjoy school is a testament to you all. Now as he will be moving to upper grade we would like to Thank you each one of you at Apple Seed for nurturing him throughout his initial schooling years. We will miss you a lot !!!


– Candice

The moment my daughter stepped in AppleSeed for a visit, she knew that it was the perfect school for her. AppleSeed provides many opportunities to learn real-life skills that my daughter who is now 8 continues to exhibit. The teachers view children as unique individuals, and give them the tools and experiences that are differentiated and relevant. They teach independence and self-reliance, and build up on abilities that children already have. They tap into their holistic development, and we were very happy with them for the 2 years our daughter was enrolled there. We highly recommend AppleSeed!



– Mat

Appleseed provides a balanced experience of study, play and life skills that prepare our children not only for future school life, but life in general.

Its multi-cultural campus is a great way for our children to understand different cultures through school events such as United Nations Day.


– Kit

We are so thankful to have found Appleseed Montessori. The teachers have provided a nourishing environment for our two sons to develop into independent and curious young people. We have been with Appleseed for over 4 years and as we prepare to leave Manila for our home country, we are confident that our sons are well prepared to excel in a new schooling environment.


– Lyra

My 2 kids went to Appleseed Montessori in Salcedo Village. I fell in love with the Montessori method and I wanted my kids to have that kind of education. I noticed that other kids loved it there because the teachers genuinely cared for them and the environment was warm and friendly. I also noticed that Appleseed kids were excited to learn and learning was easier with the classroom materials and teachers who were eager to stimulate their students. I would recommend Appleseed Montessori to any parent with pre school kids who live in that area.


– Esel

My kids consider Appleseed Montessori their second home. It amazes me how much they've bloomed with the Montessori method. They come home telling us about things that they've learned about the world, sometimes it's as simple as shapes and colors, and other times, it gets as complicated as world geography and botany. What excites me the most about this school is the friends they've met and the teachers that they have. It is truly my kids second family.


– Kai

Appleseed Montessori is one of the best schools that I studied in.  The teachers were friendly and caring.  I had good classmates from different countries and enjoyed our time together.  Being a student at Appleseed Montessori has helped me during the past 6 years.  Learning was fun and I was worried about moving to the US and being placed into a school with a rigid learning system.  Not only did I find school in the US easy, I excelled in class by being able to apply what I learned at Appleseed to my everyday studies.   Thank you Teacher Cecile, Teacher Nathalie and Teacher Kat!!!


– Marietta

Constanza’s first day of school in AppleSeed Montessori Fort was when she turned 3, just one week after we moved to Manila from Spain. The rest is a story of joy, happiness and friendship. 

We cannot thank enough Teacher Cricket and all the wonderful team of teachers for making that first year an unforgettable experience full of learning, developing self confidence, empathy and love, not only for Constanza, but also for the whole family. 

Now, Constanza is a big sister, and back in Spain already, I would have loved to move the school here also with the people inside it just to give her little brother the opportunity to experience the AppleSeed Montessori ambience.

Thanks for your efforts, patience and smiles every morning. You will be always in our hearts.


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